you may not realize this

by miles farewell

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this is my second mixtape.

enjoy. i love you.

- miles farewell

~v1.0 changelog~

- Track 1 is now much shorter and makes more sense

- "they don't want us to listen to slipknot in middle school" now sounds cool

- new track: so we tied the cinderblocks together and threw them into the lake [prod. Nurture]

-"a debilitating sleep" has a revised beat ty lilbig u da man

- "pajama pantz" has a better mix

- outro track now makes sense in context

- lil drawing gang freestyle is now a bonus track. sorry but u gotta download the tape now, its just too rare.


released June 11, 2016

everything by miles farewell except where noted.

written and recorded in two weeks, mostly on webcam and in my dad's car

thank you to justin, ellie, allanya, nick, vivian, dante, michael, dj mcchicken, matt, austin, breanna, lauren, brian, anton, walter, ryan, daf, kirsten, chan, weird spanish person who kept trying to call me, and everyone who supported me

shouts out to eckhart tolle, naga the serpent, cane sugar and tourettes guy

dedicated to Alex Miteff and Muhammad Ali, who sparred each other October 7th, 1961 and passed away June 2016, withing 28 hours of each other. rest in peace champions.



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DS Orlando, Florida


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Track Name: if this is what you are doing now, we are both in the same boat. [prod. miles farewell & yung salad]
as the night draws its last moan, im waiting by myself alone. yet another distance that cant be reached.

"your embrace, utterly unobtainable."

is that where this desire stems? the thought races by, laced in pain onset by misery.

these hands shiver as they write your name; they grasp any means to rationalize ways felt inside when imagining what it must be like to look into your eyes.

words fall flat as they are exchanged; cold skin as we wonder when we will talk next. every interaction is a risk sprinkled with anxiety and fear of a future that may not exist.

"wear the mask, mimic the walk. everything will be OK. just keep internalizing this and wait, good things will come your way."

maybe ill be there, maybe i wont. maybe ill see you in a different state of existence.

do what you must, just dont do it without me.